Dragster Audio Art


DWX 12

DWX line are super woofer that generate very high pressure level and guarantee to be 
the new winner in worldwide SPL arena. The perfect choice also for lovers of the extreme reproduction of low frequencies. The combination of a voice coil by 100mm (4”), a powerful magnet by 450 Oz together with a limited weight mobile mass makes to the cone an exceptional acceleration over 80g. Incredible pair of sub rated at 3000 W RMS that means 6000 W max and 15000 short burp second!

non pressed Kevlar fiber cone
foam surround glued and stitched
4” DVC 1 ohm flat ALU wire
triple magnet oz 450
10 gauge cables 
spider pack 9” by 4 layer
heavy duty die-cast aluminium frame
reconig kit available

(Archived Product)

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