DTX 306

The DTN/DTX series is probably the most advanced selection of tweeter designed for high-end car audio systems. 
High efficiency, huge power, different shape and dimensions, all of the offered tweeters are at the top of worldwide market. 
Anyone of the 15 models is carefully studied for best performance to be a part of fantastic audio systems 
with a final result much more than you can expect.

Voice coil (mm(inch) 25 (1")
Diaphragm (material) titanium
Power RMS/MAX (Watt) 50/100
Efficiency (dB) 100
Frequency response (Hz) 2000 ~ 20k
Impedance (Ohm) 4
Magnet material ferrite
Magnet weight (Oz) 6
Magnet dimension (mm) N/A
Construction material die cast Al
Protection circuit YES
Overall dimension (mm) 96x30
Mounting hole (mm) 73
Depth mounting (mm) 30