Dragster Audio Art



Dragster was established in 1997 by brainwave of a group of people in Europe who has passionate about car audio. Today Dragster is represented in all around the world. Main difference between with other brands is, Dragster combines updated technology with stylish and well-designed products. The main idea of Dragster is ‘’Audio is Art.’, for this reason, Dragster offers with more than 300 different product lines to come up with the ultimately best solution for your demands of car audio systems.


Dragster products are designed by well-experienced engineers. They test each material and they follow new technologies to make the products updated and the best. The quality is irrevocable. All materials are high quality.


Dragster products make use of the warm colors and shapes associated with Italian design, world famous for its fashion and its cars, colors and shapes which for centuries have been knowingly and lovingly used with success. We took inspiration when designing the chassis for the DAF amplifiers, ‘The Dragster flagship’, from the rear-end of an Italian sport car; whereas the flames which seem to burst out of the packaging which wraps and protects the products, evoke the passion of sunsets, Latin music and dancing during the long Mediterranean nights.


Dragster guarantees an immediate and rapid repair service with the aim not only of getting your audio system working again as soon possible but, above all, of making sure that the component in question will continue to work perfectly for last.


Dragster production team follows new technology. They attend most popular exhibitions in all around the world to make the products even better. This is one of the best strong bridge between Dragster and end users.